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Mikael Wintell

Mikael Wintell has worked with Healthcare, Västra Götalandsregionen since 1989. During the first years at VGR he also worked as an Instructor for United Nations, where his first assignment was to train the Mobile Army Hospital team that Sweden sent to Somalia 1992. In the beginning of 2000, he also cofound IHE and DICOM Consultant Company. In the early 90th became interested in standards and was CT responsible and saw the problem with reviewing both analogue and digital images at the same time. Part of developed a brooker functionality that "digitized" the output from a lasercamera and exported the result to the CT workstation for review. Later in the 90th also part of creating the inhouse PACS and longtime storage used at the University hospital for many years, later redesigned and upscaled to be used in the Vastra Gotalandsregion, and still in use, totally based on DICOM and HL7 standards, Bild och FunktionsRegistret, BFR. In late 2001 Mikael became manager,department of X-ray technology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, a position he held until 2006 when he became CIO/CTO for the University Hospital. Mikael worked a lot with creating a fundament for regional collaboration within the area of health informatics and this gave him the opportunity in 2008 to start work as the Medical CIO/CTO for the regional health informatic at the department of HSA (Healthcare Governance VGR). Mikael also teach at Chalmers (eHealth/Msc) and at University of Goteborg (IT within the society/MSc). Mikael started to work with digital pathology in 2006 and in 2012 Mikael became the chair of DICOM working group 26, Digital Pathology. Also doing work for the IHE PaLM group creating an Integration Profile for Digital Pathology Workflow. Mikael is also the chair of HL7 Sweden. Now working with the creation of the Future Healthinformatic Enviroment that will be the informationbased platform of healthcare in VGR. Mikael just finished the work with an education book for the medical training in Sweden.

Technical Lead and working groups

FHIR Basic Profiles, Arvid Thunman
Drugs on FHIR, Fredrik Ström

Some highlights and major achievements - since establishment

Cooperation with government institutions

One example, eHälsomyndigheten, a national authority with the mission to facilitate and drive the national solutions of digital health environments like National Drug Administration List etc. Establised cooperation with the Nordic countries when setting the framework for content and rules of national base profiles

Project Highlights

Creating FHIR national base profiles, started with Patient Implementing FHIR interfaces for ICU care in Karolinska Hopsital


Vitalis (every year), MIE 2018

Plans for the future