HL7 in Europe



Identifying information
Latest version 1.8 (stable)
Developed by ART-DECOR Expert Group
Owned by ART-DECOR Expert Group
Abstract ART-DECOR is an open-source tool suite that supports the creation and maintenance of HL7 templates, value sets as well as data sets. It features cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories (BBR) for templates and value sets. The tool offers a data set and a scenario editor, two template editors, a value set editor and includes browsers for various international terminologies such as LOINC and SNOMED CT. ART-DECOR supports comprehensive collaboration of team members within and between governance groups.
Maturity ART-DECOR is used in over 30 production projects throughout Europe and other parts of the world
Classification data
  • Business/Clinical requirements specification
    • data set / domain modeling
    • Requirements management systems
    • Model registry/repository
  • Base Standard specification
    • Standards registry/repositories
    • Standard development
    • Publication tool
  • Profile (template) specification
    • Profiles registry/repositories
    • Profile development
  • Product development support
    • Test data generators
    • Help desk
    • Examples libraries
    • Reference implementations
  • Deployment support
    • Issue tracker / Tickets management
    • Help desk
    • Terminology services
    • Standard/profile mapping systems
  • Maintenance support
    • Issue tracker / Tickets management
  • Verification and Validation
    • Test management tools
    • Conformance testers
    • Interoperability validators
    • Simulators/Stubs
    • Test Data generators
    • Support Tools
Use remote (e.g. web), local
Distribution PaaS, BaaS, Subversion
Access to the tool Free
Source code accessibility Open source
Distribution information
Tool location (URL) https://sourceforge.net/projects/artdecor/
Source code location (URL) https://sourceforge.net/projects/artdecor/
Info pages (URL) http://art-decor.org
Version 1.8 (stable), 1.9 (development)
Other Infos
(supported) Profiles HL7 Version 3 messages, HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, HL7 v2 XML, any kind of XML
(supported) Base standards HL7 CDA Release 2, HL7 v2, HL7 standard template libraries (e.g. C-CDA, CCD), standard IHE profiles, etc.
Adopted standards HL7 Version 3 messages, HL7 Clinical Document Architecture
In part of Not Applicable
Uses (a platform that may use different modules to work) Not Applicable
Requires All in install package: Exist-db XML database, Orbeon XForms management, XML methodologies; prerequisites: Tomcat, Java JDK
Used by Used in more than 30 projects, a few examples:
  • the national infrastructure ELGA in Austria
  • the national infrastructure eHealth Suisse in Switzerland
  • the Dutch Nictiz (National Healthcare Standards Institute)
  • the RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands)
  • the national infrastructure in Poland
  • HL7 Germany
  • IHE Germany
Integration capabilities (with other tools)
May this tool be integrated with other tools? Yes
Integration description ART-DECOR offers a wide variety of RESTful calls to get artefacts defined in the tool for publictaion and postprocessing purposes. Examples include: Publication Processes, User Interface specifications derived from dataset definitions, Foreign Database population, Foreign Artefact registries, Terminology Services
Info pages http://art-decor.org
Integrated tool XML database, XForms management, XML methodologies
Supported import/export formats diverse, e.g. HL7 Templates STU Exchange Format R1, IHE SVS, see also: http://art-decor.org/mediawiki/index.php/URIs
Supported (in/out) standards/profiles