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Pain Score

Author: Null
Original Work: Null
Coypright: unknown

Trademark: unknown

HL7 v2.x datatype: NM
HL7 V3 datatype: CO


Codesystem Code Value(s) Interpretation
Snomed CT 301379001 0-0 no present pain
Snomed CT 40196000 1-3 mild pain
Snomed CT 50415004 4-6 moderate pain
Snomed CT 76948002 7-9 severe pain
Snomed CT 67849003 10-10 excruciating pain


Comp. Decription Bezeichnung Code System: Codes/
Score Value
Details /
Score Range
HL7 DT v2 + V3 /
Snomed CT

LOINC: 38208-5

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