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Scale Skin Assessment Panel

Author: Nancy Bergstrom
Original Work: Null
Coypright: Copyright

Copyright. Barbara Braden and Nancy Bergstrom, 1988. Seeking permission to reprint.
Trademark: unknown

HL7 v2.x datatype: NM
HL7 V3 datatype: INT


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Comp. Decription Bezeichnung Code System: Codes/
Score Value
Details /
Score Range
HL7 DT v2 + V3 /
Snomed CT
1 Back of Head: Skin

2 Back of Head: Depth

3 Back of Head: Stage

no redness or breakdown 0 - NM + CO
erythema only: redness does not disappear for 24 hours after pressure is relieved 1 - NM + CO
break in skin such as blisters or abrasions 2 - NM + CO
break in skin exposing subcutaneous tissue 3 - NM + CO
break in kin extending through tissue and subcutaneous layers, esposing muscle or bone 4 - NM + CO
dark necrotic tissue 9 - NM + CO
4 Right Ear: Skin

5 Right Ear: Depth

6 Right Ear: Stage

7 Left Ear: Skin

8 Left Ear: Depth

9 Left Ear: Stage

10 Right Scapula: Skin

11 Right Scapula: Depth

12 Right Scapula: Stage

13 Left Scapula: Skin

14 Left Scapula: Depth

15 Left Scapula: Stage

16 Right Elbow: Skin

17 Right Elbow: Depth

18 Right Elbow: Stage

19 Left Elbow: Skin

20 Left Elbow: Depth

21 Left Elbow: Stage

22 Vertebrae (upper-mid): Skin

23 Vertebrae (upper-mid): Depth

24 Vertebrae (upper-mid): Stage

25 Sacrum: Skin

26 Sacrum: Depth

27 Sacrum: Stage

28 Coccyx: Skin

29 Coccyx: Depth

30 Coccyx: Stage

31 Right Iliac Crest: Skin

32 Right Iliac Crest: Depth

33 Right Iliac Crest: Stage

34 Left Iliac Crest: Skin

35 Left Iliac Crest: Depth

36 Left Iliac Crest: Stage

37 Right Trochanter (hip): Skin

38 Right Trochanter (hip): Depth

39 Right Trochanter (hip): Stage

40 Left Trochanter (hip): Skin

41 Left Trochanter (hip): Depth

42 Left Trochanter (hip): Stage

43 Right Ischial Tuberosity: Skin

44 Right Ischial Tuberosity: Depth

45 Right Ischial Tuberosity: Stage

46 Left Ischial Tuberosity: Skin

47 Left Ischial Tuberosity: Depth

48 Left Ischial Tuberosity: Stage

49 Right Tigh: Skin

50 Right Tigh: Depth

51 Right Tigh: Stage

52 Left Tigh: Skin

53 Left Tigh: Depth

54 Left Tigh: Stage

55 Right Knee: Skin

56 Right Knee: Depth

57 Right Knee: Stage

58 Left Knee: Skin

59 Left Knee: Depth

60 Left Knee: Stage

61 Right Lower Leg: Skin

62 Right Lower Leg: Depth

63 Right Lower Leg: Stage

64 Left Lower Leg: Skin

65 Left Lower Leg: Depth

66 Left Lower Leg: Stage

67 Right Ankle (inner/outer): Skin

68 Right Ankle (inner/outer): Depth

69 Right Ankle (inner/outer): Stage

70 Left Ankle (inner/outer): Skin

71 Left Ankle (inner/outer): Depth

72 Left Ankle (inner/outer): Stage

73 Right Heel: Skin

74 Right Heel: Depth

75 Right Heel: Stage

76 Left Heel: Skin

77 Left Heel: Depth

78 Left Heel: Stage

79 Right Toe(s): Skin

80 Right Toe(s): Depth

81 Right Toe(s)

82 Left Toe(s): Skin

83 Left Toe(s): Depth

84 Left Toe(s): Stage

85 Other (Specify): Skin

86 Other (Specify): Depth

87 Other (Specify): Stage

TOTAL SCORE Scale Skin Assessment Panel

LOINC: 38228-3

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