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ValueSet: Laboratory Certified Reference Material (Experimental)

Official URL: http://hl7.eu/fhir/laboratory/ValueSet/lab-certifiedRefMaterial-eu-lab Version: 0.1.0
Standards status: Draft Maturity Level: 1 Computable Name: LabCertifiedReferenceMaterialVS

Copyright/Legal: This material contains content from the NIBSC Product list (https://nibsc.org/NIBSC%20Product%20List%20-%20Feb%2024.pdf). The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control part of the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

List of the coded concepts describing the certified reference material used for the calibration, typically used when the unit of the result is UCUM [IU].


This value set includes concepts that are derived from systems not having canonical urls assigned and/or confirmed by HL7 yet.

Adopters should use these urls being aware that they may change.

Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:

  • Include these codes as defined in http://nibsc.org
    06/140Pertussis antiserum (human), anti-PT IgG, Lyophilized, 335 IU and anti-PT IgA 65 IU / ampoule; anti-FHA IgG 130 IU and anti-FHA IgA 65 IU / ampoule; anti-69K IgG 65 IU and anti-PT IgA 42 IU / ampoule
    00/588Hepatitis B virus surface antigen, subtype adw2, genotype A, Lyophilized, 33 IU/vial.
    01/600Anti-toxoplasma serum (IgG), Lyophilized, 20 IU / ampoule.
    01/608Low Molecular Weight Heparin
    02/150Blood Coagulation Factor VIII and Von Willebrand Factor in Plasma, Human
    02/206Blood coagulation factor XIII, Lyophilized, Activity 0.91 IU/ampoule; Antigen 0.93 IU/ampoule
    02/342Protein C, Lyophilized, 0.85 IU/ampoule (function), 0.84 IU/ampoule (antigen).
    03/116Blood coagulation factor V, Lyophilized, 0.74 IU of Factor V:C per ampoule
    03/228Protein S, Lyophilized, 0.83 IU/ampoule (total antigen), 0.81 IU/ampoule (free antigen), 0.77 IU/ampoule (function).
    04/102Blood coagulation factor XI, plasma human, Lyophilized., 0.86 International Units per ampoule
    07/164Anti-hepatitis B immunoglobulin, Lyophilized, 100 IU/ampoule
    07/316Blood coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor, Lyophilized, Factor VIII: C 0.68 IU/ amp; Factor VIII:Antigen 1.04 IU/ amp; VWF:Antigen 1.00 IU/ amp; VWF:Ristocetin cofactor 0.87 IU/amp; VWF:Collagen binding 1.03 IU/amp; VWFpp 1.03 IU/amp
    07/364Chorionic gonadotrophin, Lyophilized 179 International Units or 0.39 nmol per ampoule for calibration of immunossays, and 162 International Units per ampoule for calibration of biossay, ,
    08/204Thyroid-stimulating antibody, Lyophilized, 0.113 IU / ampoule.
    08/258Antithrombin, Lyophilized, Functional potency - 0.95 IU/ampoule, Antigenic potency - 0.96 IU/ampoule
    08/266Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), Lyophilized, 180 IU / ampoule.
    09/162Human cytomegalovirus DNA, Lyophilized, 5,000,000 IU/vial.
    09/172Blood coagulation factors II, VII, IX, X, Lyophilized, 0.89 IU (factor II), 0.99 IU (factor VII), 0.9 IU (factor IX), 0.89 IU (factor X) / ampoule.
    09/260Epstein Barr virus DNA, Lyophilized, 5,000,000 IU/ml
    09/264Fibrinogen, Lyophilized, 2.7 mg/ampoule
    10/152HIV-1 RNA, Lyophilized, 185,000 IU/ml (5.27 log10 IU/ml)
    10/262Diphtheria Antitoxin Human IgG, Lyophilized, 2 IU / ampoule
    10/264Hepatitis B virus DNA, Lyophilized., 850,000 IU / vial.
    11/176Heparin, low molecular weight, Lyophilized, Anti-Xa: 1068 IU/ampoule, Anti-Iia: 342 IU/ampoule
    11/234Human serum immunoglobulin E, Lyophilized, 13,500 IU/mL
    11/700Erythropoietin, rDNA-derived, Lyophilized, 1,650 IU / ampoule.
    12/252A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease with ThromboSpondin type 1 motifs 13 (ADAMTS13), plasma, Lyophilized., Function: 0.91 IU/ampoule Antigen: 0.92 IU/ampoule
    14/114JC polyomavirus DNA, Lyophilized., 7.0 log10 IU/ mL
    14/212BK polyomavirus DNA, Lyophilized., 7.2 log10 IU/ mL
    15/180Factor XI, plasma, human, Lyophilized, Functional activity: 0.71 IU per ampoule, Antigen: 0.78 IU per ampoule
    17/100Prostate Specific Antigen (human)(total: PSA-ACT + free PSA)
    66/304Insulin, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 3 IU / ampoule.
    67/086Human serum immunoglobulins G, A, and M (IgG, IgA and IgM), Lyophilized, 100 IU IgG, 100 IU IgA and 100 IU IgM/ampoule.
    67/343Erythropoietin, human, urinary, Lyophilized, 10 IU / ampoule.
    68/356Renin, human, Lyophilized, 0.1 IU / ampoule.
    69/194Glucagon, porcine, Lyophilized, 1.49 IU / ampoule.
    73/545Placental lactogen, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 0.000 850 IU / ampoule.
    73/601Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), Lyophilized, 100 IU/ampoule
    75/551Chorionic gonadotrophin, beta subunit, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 70 IU / ampoule.
    75/569Chorionic gonadotrophin, alpha subunit, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 70 IU / ampoule.
    75/589Chorionic gonadotrophin, human, Lyophilized, 650 IU / ampoule.
    78/554Luteinizing hormone, human, pituitary, alpha subunit, Lyophilized, 10 IU / ampoule.
    78/556Luteinizing hormone, human, pituitary, beta subunit, Lyophilized, 10 IU / ampoule.
    79/500Parathyroid hormone, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 0.1 IU / ampoule.
    80/505Human growth hormone, pituitary, Lyophilized, 4.4 IU / ampoule.
    80/552Luteinizing hormone, human, pituitary, Lyophilized, 35 IU / ampoule.
    81/565Thyroid stimulating hormone, human, for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 11.5 x -3 log 10 IU / ampoule.
    82/585Anti-poliovirus serum (Types 1, 2, 3), Lyophilized, 11 IU/ampoule (Type 1), 32 IU/ampoule (Type 2), 3 IU/ampoule (Type 3)
    82/587Interferon Gamma (Human, Leukocyte derived)
    83/501Beta-thromboglobulin, Lyophilized, 500 IU/ampoule.
    83/505Platelet factor 4, Lyophilized, 400 IU/ampoule
    83/575Follicle stimulating hormone, human, pituitary, Lyophilized, 80 IU / ampoule.
    84/500Prolactin, human, Lyophilized., 0.053 IU / ampoule.
    85/506C-reactive protein, Lyophilized, 0.049 IU/ampoule
    85/669Atrial natriuretic factor, human, Lyophilized, 2.5 IU / ampoule.
    88/638Thyroxine-binding globulin, Lyophilized, 30 IU / ampoule.
    89/620Calcitonin, human, Lyophilized, 17.5 IU / ampoule.
    91/554Insulin-like growth factor I for bioassay, Lyophilized, 150 IU / ampoule.
    91/624Inhibin A, human, recombinant, Lyophilized, 150,000 IU / ampoule.
    92/510Follicle stimulating hormone, human, recombinant for immunoassay, Lyophilized, 60 IU / ampoule.
    92/654Plasminogen-Activator Inhibitor 1 (PAI-1), Lyophilized, Tissueplasminogen-activator: 27.5 IU of neutralising activity/ampoule. Urinary-plasminogen-activator: 7 IU of neutralising activity/ampoule.
    94/572Ferritin, recombinant, Lyophilized, 6.3 μg/ampoule
    96/670Prostate specific antigen (90:10), Lyophilized, 1 μg total PSA per vial.
    97/550Islet cell antibodies, Lyophilized, 20 units/ampoule of islet cell antibodies; 100 units/ampoule of anti-GAD65; 100 units/ampoule of anti-IA-2.
    97/646Anti-Hepatitis A Immunoglobulin, Human (W1041) WHO International Standard
    98/574Somatropin (rDNA-derived human growth hormone), Lyophilized, 1.95 mg protein / ampoule.
    AFPAlphafoetoprotein, Lyophilized, 100,000 IU / ampoule.
    RAIAnti-rabies immunoglobulin, Lyophilized, 30 IU/ampoule
    rTF/16Thromboplastin, Human, Recombinant, Plain 5th International Standard 2016.
    RUBI-1-94Anti-rubella immunoglobulin, Lyophilized, 1,600 IU/vial
    W1066Rheumatoid arthritis serum, Lyophilized, 100 IU/ampoule
  • Include these codes as defined in http://pei.de
    7657/12Hepatitis D virus RNA, Lyophilized, 575,000 IU/mL
  • Include these codes as defined in http://niaid.nih.gov
    Gxg01-902535Interferon gamma, human, recombinant, Lyophilized, 80,000 IU / ampoule.



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